Trials of Real Estate

A big thank you to the Best Realtor in London!

So thank you very much to our awesome realtor Brian Van Bart at Oliver and Associates In London. Brian helped us find a new location and we are very happy to be moving on up to some fancy digs!

Do you know the real estate industry is booming again right now? There is no better time to buy that new home than now. Sellers want to move to other parts of the state for various reasons, there is increasing value buying in the industry, some of our listings have special financial incentives – the list goes on.

What does this mean for you and your family?
It means now is the time to take action and get the best deals yet. With Brian’s experience as a team combined, he was able to help us buy something we can be proud of, something we can call our own.
Now was the time to make that leap.

And we love it! But we did have tough decisions to make…

So, buy or build? I have been asked this question to death. It comes up every time someone is trying to make a decision especially when money isn’t a problem. If you are cash conscious then, buying is a no brainer.

On the other hand, sometimes, when we are spoiled with choices we often face a dilemma. Do we build or should we buy? There is a solid argument for either of the line of thought. In fact, for every “pros” of either side, there are corresponding “cons”.

Building is expensive BUT it gives you exactly what you WANT. On the other hand, with the right agent and careful planning, BUYING is as much a good decision. You have the entire work cut out, you can just inspect and “know” when you’ve seen the one that fits irrespective of the price.

Building takes time – but, of course if you want to build, you know you have the resources and time to develop the plan and execute it. On that basis, buying makes more sense if time is a factor. The only issue is, it’s one or the other. Do you build when you have time and the resources or do you buy and be done with it? Tough call when you have choices.

Buying with the right team behind you can be a really painless process. Unfortunately, the truth is, buying without a trustworthy agent is a tasking and demoralizing as losing a large chunk of one’s savings. So, why risk such a high level stage in your life to an untested, selfish and unwilling person?

Finally, there is no right or wrong about these options. It’s all entirely based on your preference, resources and plans.

Every worthwhile engagement takes planning. If you plan right, you will reap the reward of your time investment. On the flip side, you can’t take chances.

Anyway we are moving and we couldn’t be more excited. stay tuned for some transition pics and happy health to everyone out there!

Proper Lighting In Your Home

I think I may be getting old.

So i had an eye doctor appointment the other day and man was I surprised at what the ol doctor had to say to me.  My eye is degenerating at a faster than normal pace for a guy my age.

Wait. What?

My age? Why I outta….

After getting over the initial insult from this obviously insane so called ‘doctor’ I really started to think about it and of course she was right. My eye sight was really getting bad, and I had been putting off this checkup for a long, long time.  I don’t know why really, likely because I knew what I was going to hear. My 20-20 was no longer even close to that and man I hate getting old.

So What’s My First Step.

Well first of all I need classes. I figured it would come to this as my parents and siblings all have glasses and have had them for years. I was a little apprehensive at first about getting glasses but after looking at all the styles and picking out a few I actually like the way the look! Now all i have to do is make sure that I wear them ALL the time when doing anything strenuous — which is all day every day ya know. Really. Not kidding.

But that’s only half the battle apparently – according to Mrs. Doctor Know it all…..

I am learning that lighting in my home is a huge deal. I live in a bit of an older home and there is not a lot of ‘overhead’ lighting in my home. So I set out to discover the best type of lighting to use and the benefits of certain types of technology and bulbs out there.

Wow are there options!

Since I am super cheap I was trying to stay away from the compact fluorescent light bulb, sometimes abbreviated as CFL, just on price alone. But I am learning that they save a lot of money over their life span so I went with them.

Next is to make sure i have task lighting where i need it.  My living room, where I spend a lot of time has no overhead lighting at all. So I made the call to PDR Electrical Contractors and they did an amazing job installing some new pot lights for me, complete with long lasting CFL bulbs. Not only is the lighting much better now but they look awesome!

I have added lamps around my house where I need them and yes I am wearing my glasses (most of the time) so I am hoping at my next appointment the doctor will give me a passing grade. If not, she is absolutely nuts. No doubt in my mind!


Till next time.

Blind Sam







Today I want to talk about a dirty word…Neglect. Specifically I want to talk about neglect and the affects on the human pschy.

Neglect comes in some many different forms in my point of view.  You can neglect your front yard, letting that grass grow until it is 2 feet high or growing that awesome field of dandy lions that now one but the bees like. You can neglect to do your homework. You can neglect to wash yourself and have all your co-workers neglecting you because of it… You can neglect your health care blog and not post anything in like a month…. ah hem…I am talking to you Sam…oh right, that’s me. Stop talking to me …Me.

Back on track here…Neglect is generally never a positive thing, actually I can’t think of one certain time when the accurate use of the word neglect has any truly positive meaning. Neglect is almost always used in the same vernacular as abuse. “He abused his body”…. or She abused her child…. could easily have used neglected in those statements.  Anyway neglecting something almost always has a negative impact on your mind, your attitude or your way of life.  Think about it.  Coming home to a neglected yard full of weeds has to have an impact on your mood or your self worth. I know it stresses me out to no end to see a disaster of a front yard (i pretend not to see my back yard for it is way worse ALL the time). Hell when I look at my neighbors disastrous attempt to ‘pretty’ up her yard it drives me nuts, I mean pinwheels? Really? It looks like a gingerbread house scene…seriously!

Anyway i haven’t even touched on neglect when it comes in direct human to human form. Child neglect. Spouse Neglect. Family Neglect.  I don’t have the energy today to go into how damaging that is to the human spirit. What i do want to touch on though is how to avoid that neglect.

Get your sh*t together!

The best thing i have ever done was to get my stuff together. I listened to stories of people that are successful and that make millions and they all say you have to get your shit together and organized yourself. Create goals. Write things down on paper and hold yourself accountable to them. Stop the neglect

So that’t what i have done and i can’t tell you how awesome it feels to at least feel organized and have a list of accomplishments by days end. I strongly suggest everyone out there do this and start to kick some but yourself.  Make a list. take a class. learn to paint take a karate lesson and stop the neglect of yourself and your happiness.

Til next time


Just Sam



The Gym and my health

The hell with the gym!   

How many times have you said that? “I just don’t like it anymore’. ….. or “I am bored of the same old thing”

I used to say this. like once a month or so with my old gyms. I would go, usually by myself and do a ‘workout’. You know the kind, the kind where you pick up a few weights do a bit of work then walk around and check out what everyone else is doing. You may go back and do another set but you don’t push yourself.  Or may be you feel like ‘i will just do a little cardio today’ and you jump up on the treadmill and run at about two while watching Oprah make another billion dollars on TV.

I had had enough.  I wasn’t going to keep giving some big corporation my 40$ a month anymore for something i just wasn’t doing anyway.  So then I went home and got fat. Brilliant. But i still wasn’t going to give them my money. Personal training? 100 for a few sessions to have some muscle head stand over top of me, then go sit and play on his iPhone? I don’t think so.


So I realized that i obviously needed some exercise but also needed some motivation while i was there. So i joined this gym that is called combine. It combines (brilliant i know!) Cross-fit and Fit into your workouts. All classes are instructor lead so the motivation and no fucking around is there. I know a lot of people shit on Cross-fit but i don’t, and even if you do this place is different. They tell you to pick a weight you are comfortable with, instead of the absolute heaviest you can lift. Anyway the transformation has been awesome lost 30 pounds, made lots of friends and still love it after three years. Never bored.


check out today’s workout…


.give it a try!

Tired Sam

So SO tired today.

My son is sick and that means I am exhausted .  Not much of a post happening here.

But why is he sick? Germs i guess. He is a tough little guy but germs get us all down from time to time. But this is a health blog you say! tell me how to be healthy! Exercise and healthy food. shocking I know! get out and get at it honey bunch.

But I hate Exercise

we all hate exercise that is exercise.  The trick is to find something that will burn up some calories that you don’t hate, maybe even that you love. Jogging. Cross fit. baseball. lawn bowling. Ok lawn bowling may not be the best form of exercise but Betty the lawn bowler may send you home with an awesome home made pie if you play your cards right. That Betty, she is a real peach :)

Anyway I know this was not profound and not long but you know what? It’s my blog and i am tired and cranky (obviously) not even Betty’s pie is cheering me up.


till next time.


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Just Sam

Almost Summer Time and That Means Camping at My House!


I am a summer guy. Love it. Loved winter when i was a kid also but now I am all about the warms rays. I just love how it brings people out of their homes and into the neighbourhood, ,or the park or the campground.

My kids will finally go outside again. I mean they will play in the snow form time to time but it never lasts to long because it’s too dam cold. And who can blame them for wanting to come back inside? I can’t! May be to much of me has been handed over to them, but as a kid i was always outside living it up – no matter the weather. Anyway enough of this old man talk, what i really wanted to talk about is my new travel trailer from Huron RV ….oh did i mention i like camping??

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Color Therapy

What? What the hell does that mean you crazy man Sam? Color therapy?

I know right? It sounds so weird, like some hippy new-old wave of tree hugging way to zone out of the world for a little piece and quiet. And may be it is. But then again may be it isn’t


I have learnt a lot about colour therapy — the effects of color on the human mind and spirit and mood. Ever heard of a mood ring? of course you have, you are not living under a rock (there is no WiFi under a rock) and you were likely a child at one time that got your poor sap of a parent to put a quarter into a gum ball machine and to get you the ring that changed colors with your mood. Well I am not certain if those rings actually work but I am certain through my research that paint colors, specifically colors of the walls in the rooms in your house can dramatically effect the moods and energy levels in individuals. Now they won’t have the same level of effect on all individuals but there is an effect.


There are 1000’s of studies out there to this affect.  All these studies have found that differing colors have differing effects and that certain colors are best used in certain settings or situations (think different rooms in the house for my arguments sake) Here are just a few colors and their attributes

Violet : 

  • Calming effects for the mind and the body.
  • Good for regular meditation and prayer.
  • Enhances purpose and self esteem.
  • Heightens our awareness and helps us to give of our very best.
  • Purifying

Use it in :

  • Churches
  • Entry areas to clinics and hospitals
  • Festival areas
  • bedrooms



  • Helps to open up our intuition about our surroundings
  • very sedative 
  • The colour of divine knowledge and the higher mind.

Use it in:

  •  more ‘quiet’ places
  • Bedrooms
  • Treatment rooms in hospitals or clinics
  • library’s


  • Black used with another colour enhances the energy of that second colour
  • Black gives us the sense of space for reflection on oneself

Use it in:

well no where really as a single color. but use it everywhere to enhance other colours.


my daughter wanted to paint her room fire engine red. what does this say about her personality? I am not to sure.

So i interviewed a painting company about some of the more ‘spiritual’ works they have done for clients. I had to ask some weird questions (or so i thought) but turns out that most painters are artists at heart and really understand this whole hippy painting color world. One company i talked with does such awesome work i had to mention them here. Creative Trends Painting has been doing commercial and residential painting for years and specialize in custom artwork and murals. They indicated it is not a weird request to have a client ask for a specific mural to be painted on their wall so the client can just sit in front of it and meditate. Makes a lot of sense. As the world keeps moving faster and faster it would be pretty cool to have a special spot to just sit and think (or not think) about anything.


Time to redecorate..

til next time.



Martial Arts and My Daughters Turn Around

I have the best kids in the world. Seriously it has been certified. Look into it. They are mine and you are jealous. Well maybe not, but I still have the best

One of the reasons is that I try to instil confidence and self-esteem into my kids through sport. Any sport. As I wrote before my son is really into hockey right now. I love how he can’t wait to meet up with his teammates and the high fives and the

kids hockey

kids loving the game

tomfoolery that goes with young boys hanging out. It all works toward mental well-being in my book.

Now jumping onto teams and being part of a crowd comes easy for my son, my daughter makes friends easily but needs to be pushed into the situation a bit more. This beautiful creature has so much to offer and pours her heart out to other kids which sometimes leaves her vulnerable to the nefarious kids in a bunch. And there are some. This is my blog and I don’t have to be politically correct about any of that shit!


I started her playing soccer and she liked it but didn’t love it. She played for a few years,  made friends easily but there was no passion for the game so when it came time to register she said she didn’t want to play. No problem from pops, I believe in pushing my kids into things because of the natural unknown from them and the natural fear they have but I definitely don’t believe in making them do something they already know about, and don’t want to do.

Right beside my gym that I take them too is a small Karate, BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  and other Martial Arts Studio.  I almost joking said to her why don’t you try Karate out, and surprisingly she said yes!  Looking back I shouldn’t have been too surprised as she loves to dance and tumbling and structure so it was almost a natural, albeit weird, fit.

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A Little Golf Therapy Anyone?

So I love to golf. I mean I absolutely love it. Even when golf hates me I love it.  Do you think I am sick because of that? But if you asked my teacher at London Golf Academy he may think I shouldn’t love the game that much,  my golf swing needs serious work!

Cures to My Sickness

I wouldn’t blame you if you thought I was sick because of my demented idea of fun. Golf is punishing. It literally makes the smartest person in the world look like an idiot. Repeatedly.

bad golfer

golfing is dumb!

But I have to tell you it is therapeutic. Not only is it good physical exercise but I find the golf course to be an excellent place to clear your mind of the minutia of the everyday routine. It’s frustrating….and relaxing…all rolled into one.  I call it my golf therapy.

How it Saved Me.

A few years ago I hurt my back, real bad. 2 ruptured discs. It sucked. What was worse was that it happened at the beginning of summer and I couldn’t golf. I literally moped around my house (when I could walk) and was a miserable person to be around. I thought I was so miserable because of the excruciating pain I was in but after a while, I realized there was way more to it than that. I had no mental outlet to let some steam off.  I couldn’t get out somewhere for the day to clear my mind and reset.  All I wanted to do was get better quick so I could get a few rounds in.  The doctors wanted to operate. They said it would fuse my spine together and I wouldn’t be able to rotate my neck. How the hell was I going to swing a golf club? No way man. No surgery for this cat.


No surgery, I can tell you that.  So what then? Just sit around and be pissy the rest of my life? Nope. I said I will heal the old fashioned way with a good exercise routine and diet. And I did.  I got myself into the best shape of my life and got back to the golf course the next summer. My back got back (that sounds weird) to about 95 percent and I have no complaints.  Except for my golf game.


So not surprisingly being a golf nut I am a golf info junkie. I read a lot about golf, watch you tube and instructional videos and follow blogs like crazy.  I love this relatively new blog at Thirteen Under Golf, the guy really knows his stuff. If you are into golf you got check it out.


And on the lighter side check out this YouTube video. Freaking funny

till next time






The Trials of Travel

March Break Madness……

So the truck is packed. It’s march break. Let’s get to my sons last hockey tournament of the year in some town called London. No not that London.  London Ontario.

Seems like a quaint enough little city. Everywhere we stopped people were friendly (a Canadian thing i guess) and willing to help out with directions and whatnot. Not that I ever get lost. Ever. ‘Turned around’ every now and then but that’s it.  Anyway back to the story. My son loves hockey. Adores it. Me? Well yeah i love it also, always have, and it makes me extremely happy that my son has taken to it just like i did as a child.  Hockey is so much more than just a game on ice.  It is team building. It is responsibility. It is learning processes and systems. It is taking criticism and using it to make your game and yourself better. It’s exercise! This is suppose to be a blog that is loosely tied to health care isn’t it?

Anyway, where was I? oh right, London. So in between games we leave the arena to do a little exploring around the city and end up at park called Springbank. beautiful spot to get out and do some stretching and chase some giant Canadian Geese around. Obviously it was mild out, I am not into the great white north freezing temperatures.

So after our jaunt it was time to get back to the arena and wouldn’t you know it the truck has  flat tire! Ridiculous! nothing worse than being away from home and having to deal with a mechanical issue or something like that. Anyway I had to call a tow truck and get towed to a service centre where luckily they were able to put a plug in the tire and get us on our way. My son of course was freaking out about possibly missing the game, but calm cool dad took care of things again so its all good.  Anyway this towing company and the people at the service place were so dam nice that I thought I would have to write about this experience here.


For those of you wondering, Canadians are good at hockey. My Son’s team didn’t win but we had one hell of a good time up there!

Til next time

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