Martial Arts and My Daughters Turn Around

I have the best kids in the world. Seriously it has been certified. Look into it. They are mine and you are jealous. Well maybe not, but I still have the best

One of the reasons is that I try to instil confidence and self-esteem into my kids through sport. Any sport. As I wrote before my son is really into hockey right now. I love how he can’t wait to meet up with his teammates and the high fives and the

kids hockey

kids loving the game

tomfoolery that goes with young boys hanging out. It all works toward mental well-being in my book.

Now jumping onto teams and being part of a crowd comes easy for my son, my daughter makes friends easily but needs to be pushed into the situation a bit more. This beautiful creature has so much to offer and pours her heart out to other kids which sometimes leaves her vulnerable to the nefarious kids in a bunch. And there are some. This is my blog and I don’t have to be politically correct about any of that shit!


I started her playing soccer and she liked it but didn’t love it. She played for a few years,  made friends easily but there was no passion for the game so when it came time to register she said she didn’t want to play. No problem from pops, I believe in pushing my kids into things because of the natural unknown from them and the natural fear they have but I definitely don’t believe in making them do something they already know about, and don’t want to do.

Right beside my gym that I take them too is a small Karate, BJJ Brazilian Jiu Jitsu  and other Martial Arts Studio.  I almost joking said to her why don’t you try Karate out, and surprisingly she said yes!  Looking back I shouldn’t have been too surprised as she loves to dance and tumbling and structure so it was almost a natural, albeit weird, fit.


so she is in her first year and loving it. Her instructor Simon is a very knowledgeable guy trained by the best directly from Japan. Check out his youtube video. The guy is super intense but is also a school teacher so he has a beautiful way with the kids. I could not be happier to have my daughter learning from him. In my opinion, her self-esteem has sky-rocketed and jumps in the car to go to the classes, she is making more friends and as always making her dad so dam proud.

So I guess the moral of this post is to keep your eyes open for an opportunity to help your children develop. sometimes they are right around the corner and waiting for you to take advantage of.


Till next time.


Just Sam.