Almost Summer Time and That Means Camping at My House!


I am a summer guy. Love it. Loved winter when i was a kid also but now I am all about the warms rays. I just love how it brings people out of their homes and into the neighbourhood, ,or the park or the campground.

My kids will finally go outside again. I mean they will play in the snow form time to time but it never lasts to long because it’s too dam cold. And who can blame them for wanting to come back inside? I can’t! May be to much of me has been handed over to them, but as a kid i was always outside living it up – no matter the weather. Anyway enough of this old man talk, what i really wanted to talk about is my new travel trailer from Huron RV ….oh did i mention i like camping??


I camped when i was a kid. My parents didn’t have a ton of money so we made due with this old crappy pop up trailer that was way worse than i remember it being, but man was it awesome to go camping. I can remember so many great memories of back in the day camping. playing in lakes or streams, catching crayfish, snakes, frogs whatever. fishing the day away. blah blah blah. loved it! So when i had my own family i really wanted to pass this tradition on to my kids so they could experience some wilderness and outdoors activities to get them out of the house and way from the tv….in my mind anything that does that its great in my books.


Camping in style!

hideout trailer

Camping in style this year!

So i started out just like my parents did. Found an older pop up trailer and we made the best of it. It was great times but popping the trailer up and down was a pretty big process that grew old real quick. The packing and unpacking of it killed me.  So this year i went out and bought a 27 foot travel trailer! It is freaking awesome! Has a full fridge and freezer, nice queen size bed more me to snore in and the best of all it has AC! woooohoooooo. So the kids and I are gonna do some serious camping this year. Anyone out there do any camping? got any great stories to tell me? seriously i need to hear them. Hit  me up in the comments or send me an email. love to hear form you.

Happy Camping!

Just Sam.