Tired Sam

So SO tired today.

My son is sick and that means I am exhausted .  Not much of a post happening here.

But why is he sick? Germs i guess. He is a tough little guy but germs get us all down from time to time. But this is a health blog you say! tell me how to be healthy! Exercise and healthy food. shocking I know! get out and get at it honey bunch.

But I hate Exercise

we all hate exercise that is exercise.  The trick is to find something that will burn up some calories that you don’t hate, maybe even that you love. Jogging. Cross fit. baseball. lawn bowling. Ok lawn bowling may not be the best form of exercise but Betty the lawn bowler may send you home with an awesome home made pie if you play your cards right. That Betty, she is a real peach :)

Anyway I know this was not profound and not long but you know what? It’s my blog and i am tired and cranky (obviously) not even Betty’s pie is cheering me up.


till next time.


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