The Gym and my health

The hell with the gym!   

How many times have you said that? “I just don’t like it anymore’. ….. or “I am bored of the same old thing”

I used to say this. like once a month or so with my old gyms. I would go, usually by myself and do a ‘workout’. You know the kind, the kind where you pick up a few weights do a bit of work then walk around and check out what everyone else is doing. You may go back and do another set but you don’t push yourself.  Or may be you feel like ‘i will just do a little cardio today’ and you jump up on the treadmill and run at about two while watching Oprah make another billion dollars on TV.

I had had enough.  I wasn’t going to keep giving some big corporation my 40$ a month anymore for something i just wasn’t doing anyway.  So then I went home and got fat. Brilliant. But i still wasn’t going to give them my money. Personal training? 100 for a few sessions to have some muscle head stand over top of me, then go sit and play on his iPhone? I don’t think so.


So I realized that i obviously needed some exercise but also needed some motivation while i was there. So i joined this gym that is called combine. It combines (brilliant i know!) Cross-fit and Fit into your workouts. All classes are instructor lead so the motivation and no fucking around is there. I know a lot of people shit on Cross-fit but i don’t, and even if you do this place is different. They tell you to pick a weight you are comfortable with, instead of the absolute heaviest you can lift. Anyway the transformation has been awesome lost 30 pounds, made lots of friends and still love it after three years. Never bored.


check out today’s workout…


.give it a try!