Today I want to talk about a dirty word…Neglect. Specifically I want to talk about neglect and the affects on the human pschy.

Neglect comes in some many different forms in my point of view.  You can neglect your front yard, letting that grass grow until it is 2 feet high or growing that awesome field of dandy lions that now one but the bees like. You can neglect to do your homework. You can neglect to wash yourself and have all your co-workers neglecting you because of it… You can neglect your health care blog and not post anything in like a month…. ah hem…I am talking to you Sam…oh right, that’s me. Stop talking to me …Me.

Back on track here…Neglect is generally never a positive thing, actually I can’t think of one certain time when the accurate use of the word neglect has any truly positive meaning. Neglect is almost always used in the same vernacular as abuse. “He abused his body”…. or She abused her child…. could easily have used neglected in those statements.  Anyway neglecting something almost always has a negative impact on your mind, your attitude or your way of life.  Think about it.  Coming home to a neglected yard full of weeds has to have an impact on your mood or your self worth. I know it stresses me out to no end to see a disaster of a front yard (i pretend not to see my back yard for it is way worse ALL the time). Hell when I look at my neighbors disastrous attempt to ‘pretty’ up her yard it drives me nuts, I mean pinwheels? Really? It looks like a gingerbread house scene…seriously!

Anyway i haven’t even touched on neglect when it comes in direct human to human form. Child neglect. Spouse Neglect. Family Neglect.  I don’t have the energy today to go into how damaging that is to the human spirit. What i do want to touch on though is how to avoid that neglect.

Get your sh*t together!

The best thing i have ever done was to get my stuff together. I listened to stories of people that are successful and that make millions and they all say you have to get your shit together and organized yourself. Create goals. Write things down on paper and hold yourself accountable to them. Stop the neglect

So that’t what i have done and i can’t tell you how awesome it feels to at least feel organized and have a list of accomplishments by days end. I strongly suggest everyone out there do this and start to kick some but yourself.  Make a list. take a class. learn to paint take a karate lesson and stop the neglect of yourself and your happiness.

Til next time


Just Sam