Proper Lighting In Your Home

I think I may be getting old.

So i had an eye doctor appointment the other day and man was I surprised at what the ol doctor had to say to me.  My eye is degenerating at a faster than normal pace for a guy my age.

Wait. What?

My age? Why I outta….

After getting over the initial insult from this obviously insane so called ‘doctor’ I really started to think about it and of course she was right. My eye sight was really getting bad, and I had been putting off this checkup for a long, long time.  I don’t know why really, likely because I knew what I was going to hear. My 20-20 was no longer even close to that and man I hate getting old.

So What’s My First Step.

Well first of all I need classes. I figured it would come to this as my parents and siblings all have glasses and have had them for years. I was a little apprehensive at first about getting glasses but after looking at all the styles and picking out a few I actually like the way the look! Now all i have to do is make sure that I wear them ALL the time when doing anything strenuous — which is all day every day ya know. Really. Not kidding.

But that’s only half the battle apparently – according to Mrs. Doctor Know it all…..

I am learning that lighting in my home is a huge deal. I live in a bit of an older home and there is not a lot of ‘overhead’ lighting in my home. So I set out to discover the best type of lighting to use and the benefits of certain types of technology and bulbs out there.

Wow are there options!

Since I am super cheap I was trying to stay away from the compact fluorescent light bulb, sometimes abbreviated as CFL, just on price alone. But I am learning that they save a lot of money over their life span so I went with them.

Next is to make sure i have task lighting where i need it.  My living room, where I spend a lot of time has no overhead lighting at all. So I made the call to PDR Electrical Contractors and they did an amazing job installing some new pot lights for me, complete with long lasting CFL bulbs. Not only is the lighting much better now but they look awesome!

I have added lamps around my house where I need them and yes I am wearing my glasses (most of the time) so I am hoping at my next appointment the doctor will give me a passing grade. If not, she is absolutely nuts. No doubt in my mind!


Till next time.

Blind Sam