Trials of Real Estate

A big thank you to the Best Realtor in London!

So thank you very much to our awesome realtor Brian Van Bart at Oliver and Associates In London. Brian helped us find a new location and we are very happy to be moving on up to some fancy digs!

Do you know the real estate industry is booming again right now? There is no better time to buy that new home than now. Sellers want to move to other parts of the state for various reasons, there is increasing value buying in the industry, some of our listings have special financial incentives – the list goes on.

What does this mean for you and your family?
It means now is the time to take action and get the best deals yet. With Brian’s experience as a team combined, he was able to help us buy something we can be proud of, something we can call our own.
Now was the time to make that leap.

And we love it! But we did have tough decisions to make…

So, buy or build? I have been asked this question to death. It comes up every time someone is trying to make a decision especially when money isn’t a problem. If you are cash conscious then, buying is a no brainer.

On the other hand, sometimes, when we are spoiled with choices we often face a dilemma. Do we build or should we buy? There is a solid argument for either of the line of thought. In fact, for every “pros” of either side, there are corresponding “cons”.

Building is expensive BUT it gives you exactly what you WANT. On the other hand, with the right agent and careful planning, BUYING is as much a good decision. You have the entire work cut out, you can just inspect and “know” when you’ve seen the one that fits irrespective of the price.

Building takes time – but, of course if you want to build, you know you have the resources and time to develop the plan and execute it. On that basis, buying makes more sense if time is a factor. The only issue is, it’s one or the other. Do you build when you have time and the resources or do you buy and be done with it? Tough call when you have choices.

Buying with the right team behind you can be a really painless process. Unfortunately, the truth is, buying without a trustworthy agent is a tasking and demoralizing as losing a large chunk of one’s savings. So, why risk such a high level stage in your life to an untested, selfish and unwilling person?

Finally, there is no right or wrong about these options. It’s all entirely based on your preference, resources and plans.

Every worthwhile engagement takes planning. If you plan right, you will reap the reward of your time investment. On the flip side, you can’t take chances.

Anyway we are moving and we couldn’t be more excited. stay tuned for some transition pics and happy health to everyone out there!