Don’t Park in the wrong spot

So i traveled to newport beach today to watch my girlfriend compete in a cross fit competition. Yep watching my girlfriend lift weights. How manly of me. Whatever dude it’s 2018.

Anyway i fought the traffic, brought the kids and we had a good day.. or most of the day.  We got there mid day and man it was busy! Finding a parking spot was tough but we eventually found a spot that you could park for two hours at.  Well one thing led to another, lots of weights got thrown around and, oops my two hours were up!  I thought ahhhh nothing to worry about they won’t tow my truck yet. …

Or will they?

Well after I meandered for a little bit i made my way back to the parking lot and saw a tow truck just pulling in and a parking dude standing by my truck!

Well i don’t think i have ever move that fast before but i beat my ass over to the truck and started my fast talking. The parking guy didn’t seem to care bout my predicament about having 4 kids at the beach and i need my truck to get us home but luckily the tow truck driver understood my pain! He was like ‘ ok man I am not towing you today, we will find the next one’! can you believe that!?

Anyway i did notice who the company was so I am giving a big shout out to Auto-One Services LLC these guys now and if i ever need a tow truck or auto work I am going to be using them for sure!!


Thanks Speedy!