Property Management Done Right

Just a quick shout out to the best property management in London, Ontario!  Abbey Rentals and Property Management has be an absolute blessing for my wife and I with our investment properties.

My wife and have a few rental properties in London and have had a few different companies manage them for us over the years and have not had a lot of success with them at all.


We found Abbey Rentals last year and quickly changed to them and we are very glad we did. They are completely professional and extremely well organized when it comes to property management and the upkeep of our rentals.

We have had a bit of turnover with tenants over the years and always had a hard time getting the space filled again with a quality tenant. Well Abbey finds nothing but the best it seems! Our rentals have been filled will excellent people and we couldn’t be happier to have them living in our spaces.

We firmly believe in using a great property management company to ease the burden of managing properties and real estate and keeping those rentals fill with quality people.

Maximize your property rental value with using a proper, professional organizing to run your property management, and don’t hesitate to call Abbey Rentals and Property Management if you need proper care for your real estate in south western Ontario.

It is very important to use a great company to do this for your investments. Here is a video to give the best reasons to use a property manager.


Check back for us next update. We promise to start posting more info on this blog