A Little Golf Therapy Anyone?

So I love to golf. I mean I absolutely love it. Even when golf hates me I love it.  Do you think I am sick because of that? But if you asked my teacher at London Golf Academy he may think I shouldn’t love the game that much,  my golf swing needs serious work!

Cures to My Sickness

I wouldn’t blame you if you thought I was sick because of my demented idea of fun. Golf is punishing. It literally makes the smartest person in the world look like an idiot. Repeatedly.

bad golfer

golfing is dumb!

But I have to tell you it is therapeutic. Not only is it good physical exercise but I find the golf course to be an excellent place to clear your mind of the minutia of the everyday routine. It’s frustrating….and relaxing…all rolled into one.  I call it my golf therapy.

How it Saved Me.

A few years ago I hurt my back, real bad. 2 ruptured discs. It sucked. What was worse was that it happened at the beginning of summer and I couldn’t golf. I literally moped around my house (when I could walk) and was a miserable person to be around. I thought I was so miserable because of the excruciating pain I was in but after a while, I realized there was way more to it than that. I had no mental outlet to let some steam off.  I couldn’t get out somewhere for the day to clear my mind and reset.  All I wanted to do was get better quick so I could get a few rounds in.  The doctors wanted to operate. They said it would fuse my spine together and I wouldn’t be able to rotate my neck. How the hell was I going to swing a golf club? No way man. No surgery for this cat.


No surgery, I can tell you that.  So what then? Just sit around and be pissy the rest of my life? Nope. I said I will heal the old fashioned way with a good exercise routine and diet. And I did.  I got myself into the best shape of my life and got back to the golf course the next summer. My back got back (that sounds weird) to about 95 percent and I have no complaints.  Except for my golf game.


So not surprisingly being a golf nut I am a golf info junkie. I read a lot about golf, watch you tube and instructional videos and follow blogs like crazy.  I love this relatively new blog at Thirteen Under Golf, the guy really knows his stuff. If you are into golf you got check it out.


And on the lighter side check out this YouTube video. Freaking funny

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The Trials of Travel

March Break Madness……

So the truck is packed. It’s march break. Let’s get to my sons last hockey tournament of the year in some town called London. No not that London.  London Ontario.

Seems like a quaint enough little city. Everywhere we stopped people were friendly (a Canadian thing i guess) and willing to help out with directions and whatnot. Not that I ever get lost. Ever. ‘Turned around’ every now and then but that’s it.  Anyway back to the story. My son loves hockey. Adores it. Me? Well yeah i love it also, always have, and it makes me extremely happy that my son has taken to it just like i did as a child.  Hockey is so much more than just a game on ice.  It is team building. It is responsibility. It is learning processes and systems. It is taking criticism and using it to make your game and yourself better. It’s exercise! This is suppose to be a blog that is loosely tied to health care isn’t it?

Anyway, where was I? oh right, London. So in between games we leave the arena to do a little exploring around the city and end up at park called Springbank. beautiful spot to get out and do some stretching and chase some giant Canadian Geese around. Obviously it was mild out, I am not into the great white north freezing temperatures.

So after our jaunt it was time to get back to the arena and wouldn’t you know it the truck has  flat tire! Ridiculous! nothing worse than being away from home and having to deal with a mechanical issue or something like that. Anyway I had to call a tow truck and get towed to a service centre where luckily they were able to put a plug in the tire and get us on our way. My son of course was freaking out about possibly missing the game, but calm cool dad took care of things again so its all good.  Anyway this towing company and the people at the service place were so dam nice that I thought I would have to write about this experience here.


For those of you wondering, Canadians are good at hockey. My Son’s team didn’t win but we had one hell of a good time up there!

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Lets get this started!

Hello everyone welcome to my new blog called  Ashflat Health Care and Rehab.  The name is a mouth full I know, but it’s also mostly a personal play on words so stop asking me about it. Seriously stop. This is my first post and I am already a bit annoyed at you internet.

So I just wanted to lay out the feel of what I am hoping to create here on this blog. I want to talk about different health issues and ways that I have found to overcome them. Most things I am going to be talking about I have personally experienced or have had family or friends experience them, which in turn of course, effects me in some way shape or form.

I am still and always have been a very actively sports minded person. I have established many injuries through sports, and also healed many injuries through sports.  There is just something about working off a lot of stress at the gym, or spending 6 hours on a golf course to think calmly about things that has always seemed to help me keep a balance between body and mind.  So I will be talking about that. Never heard of golf therapy? Well you will . I also want to explore areas like art therapy and the effects of colors on the mood, i have recently read a few awesome eye opening articles about this. I want to talk about time spent with family doing things like fishing and camping and just laying around talking. I will also touch on things like medicines and treatments to help things like skin conditions and how a simple change in appearance can make or break your day.

There will be much much more coming, I hope you find it interesting and if not read me to put you to sleep. See I have already cured your insomnia !

Comment or contact for a longer story, would love to hear from you

Good night sweet heart.