Lets get this started!

Hello everyone welcome to my new blog called  Ashflat Health Care and Rehab.  The name is a mouth full I know, but it’s also mostly a personal play on words so stop asking me about it. Seriously stop. This is my first post and I am already a bit annoyed at you internet.

So I just wanted to lay out the feel of what I am hoping to create here on this blog. I want to talk about different health issues and ways that I have found to overcome them. Most things I am going to be talking about I have personally experienced or have had family or friends experience them, which in turn of course, effects me in some way shape or form.

I am still and always have been a very actively sports minded person. I have established many injuries through sports, and also healed many injuries through sports.  There is just something about working off a lot of stress at the gym, or spending 6 hours on a golf course to think calmly about things that has always seemed to help me keep a balance between body and mind.  So I will be talking about that. Never heard of golf therapy? Well you will . I also want to explore areas like art therapy and the effects of colors on the mood, i have recently read a few awesome eye opening articles about this. I want to talk about time spent with family doing things like fishing and camping and just laying around talking. I will also touch on things like medicines and treatments to help things like skin conditions and how a simple change in appearance can make or break your day.

There will be much much more coming, I hope you find it interesting and if not read me to put you to sleep. See I have already cured your insomnia !

Comment or contact for a longer story, would love to hear from you

Good night sweet heart.